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Swimming lessons for children

We would like to welcome you to The Little Swim Club, a specialist in early years swimming tuition, our lessons ensure the foundations to learning are solid ensuring you and your child are learning from the very best.

 Our Clownfish classes are the foundation classes of our Beginners Programme and as such, the primary aim in these classes are improving water confidence, being at ease in the water and the development of basic safety awareness.   Fun games and activities make the lessons enjoyable and build each child’s confidence to attempt new skills.

Stage 1 - Clownfish


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Learn to Swim Classes for children confident with their faces in water & starting to swim without the use of buoyancy aids.

Stage 2 - Dolphin

This stage continues to build confidence in rhythmic aquatic breathing action.   Children will be encouraged to travel up to 10 metres on the front and back maintaining an effective body position. All four competitive strokes are practised.

Stage 3 - Stingray

At this stage we continue to build on all four strokes by breaking down the technical elements paying particular attention to the kicking action.  Children will also develop skills in sculling and endurance. 

Stage 4 - Shark

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The Little Swim Club's Pool - Where Learning Takes a Dip

In stage 5 we concentrate on developing and finely tuning the skills required for all four strokes.  Children who graduate from these classes will be confidently swimming all four strokes and will be of a competent level to enter a swimming club/squad.

Stage 5 - Stroke Rewards

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