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Swim England Stage 3 - Supported by Stingray 1, 2 and 3

​This stage continues to build confidence in rhythmic aquatic breathing action.   Children will be encouraged to travel up to 10 metres on the front and back maintaining an effective body position. All four competitive strokes are practised.

This level, as with all our swim levels, is set by ability rather than by age.   To join at this stage children should be able to comfortably swim 5 metres on their front and back without buoyancy aids.

On completion of this stage your child will be able to:-

1. Jump in from poolside and submerge to a minimum depth of 1.0 metre

2. Sink, push away from wall and maintain a streamlined position

3. Push and glide on the front with arms extended and log roll onto the back

4. Push and glide on the back with arms extended and log roll onto the front

5. Travel 5 metres on the front, tuck and rotate, return on the back

6.  Fully submerge to pick up an object

7. Correctly identify three of the four key water safety messages

8. Push and glide and travel 10 metres on the back

9. Push and glide and travel 10 metres on the front

10.  Perform a tuck float and hold for three seconds

11. Exit the water without using the steps


Swim England stages can be difficult to achieve termly so we ensure children do not get dis- hearted by awarding them with our own Little Swim Club certificates free of charge at the end of each term and these are a very important part of our achievements process.


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