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About The Little Swim Club

Our approach is kind and gentle.  We endeavour to create an environment that supports the natural pattern of development in babies.  In our Adult and Child classes, babies experience the fun of being in water with their parent/caregiver from 6 weeks old.


  We also understand that every child is different, so while we do take children into our classes without their adults from 3 years, we realise that some children are just not ready to leave the safety of their parent at that age.  We provide adult and child lessons up until the age of 4 years. 

Children can then progress into our Clownfish classes without their parent.  Clownfish classes are the foundation classes of our Beginners Programme and as such, the primary aim in these classes are improving water confidence, being at ease in the water and the development of basic safety awareness. Fun games and activities make the lessons enjoyable and build each child’s confidence to attempt new skills.

Your children will be having too much fun to notice that they are building the foundations of the swimming journey as they learn floatation, rotation, movement and aquatic breathing, all these are key to your child’s success.​


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The Little Swim Club's Pool - Where Learning Takes a Dip

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