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Stroke awards

Swim England Stage 5 - Supported by Stroke Awards 

​In stage 5 we concentrate on developing and finely tuning the skills required for all four strokes.  Children who graduate from these classes will be confidently swimming all four strokes and will be of a competent level to enter a swimming club/squad. 

To join these classes’ children will already have a basic knowledge of the competitive strokes.​

On completion of this stage your child will be able to:-

  1. Perform a flat stationary scull on the back.

  2. Perform a feet first sculling action for 5m in a flat position on the back

  3. Perform a sculling sequence with a partner for 30-45 seconds to include a rotation. 

  4. Tread water for 30 seconds

  5. Perform 3 different shaped jumps into deep water

  6. Push and glide and swim 10m backstroke

  7. Push and glide and swim 10m front crawl

  8. Push and glide and swim 10m breaststroke

  9. Push and glide and swim 10m butterfly

  10. Perform a handstand and hold for a minimum of three seconds

  11. Perform a forward somersault

  12. Demonstrate an action for getting help


Swim England stages can be difficult to achieve termly so we ensure children do not get dis-hearted by awarding them with our own Little Swim Club certificates free of charge at the end of each term and these are a very important part of our achievements process.​

In addition to our in-house certificates the Swim England nationally recognised badge and certificate if achieved can be purchased for £6.00.  Progress may be seen by logging into your own personal client hub. 


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