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Adult and Baby Classes for babies from 6 weeks to 2.5 years 

In our Little Turtles Adult and Baby Classes, babies experience the fun of being in water with their parent/caregiver. Using relaxed holds baby and adult can move in a fluid and dynamic way, allowing baby to explore how water feels as well as find their own balance in the water.  Being in the water with your baby gives you and your baby to opportunity to see each other at eye level allowing a wonderful communication.  Parents are taught to read and act on baby cues.

There is far more to swimming with your baby than teaching your baby to swim. The benefits to baby’s development are not limited to just physical development, there is also their intellectual development that is enhanced by swimming.  When babies’ minds have something new to think about it increases the growth of their brains as all their senses are being stimulated.  There is also social development, being in a swimming session gives babies the experience of sharing toys, taking turns, and can help with babies’ communication skills. 
Our approach is kind and gentle.  We endeavour to create an environment that supports the natural pattern of development in babies.  We teach you how to read your babies signals, body language, facial expressions and sounds and we encourage the development of a conscious attitude towards breath holding and voluntary submersions.  Swimming takes place on the surface of the water which is where we teach babies to be at their most relaxed and confident. 
We provide the opportunity to build solid foundations for safe future swimming using safe practices, games, and songs.

Little Turtle 1 - 6 weeks +

Adult and Baby Class for babies from 6 weeks old

Suitable for parents with no previous baby swimming experience or lacking in confidence with handling their babies in the water:

  • Introduction to the pool

  • Learning relaxed holds

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Adapting to the new surroundings

  • Activities to stimulate baby’s senses.  Songs and rhymes to relax babies and put them at ease in the water

  • Adults learning new skills to maximise fun, bonding and water safety

  • Baby led introduction to underwater swimming


Little Turtle 2 - 4 months +

  • Continuing with fun activities to encourage a lifelong love of water

  • Introduction of toys and new songs to develop water confidence

  • Fluid and dynamic movements

  • Adults learning skills to maximise safety, fun and bonding


Little Turtle 3 - 6 months +

  • Encourage baby to explore the water/pool

  • Activities that develop new swim skills that babies are learning

  • Adult confidently using skills to maximise safety, fun and bonding


Little Turtle 4 - 8 months +

  • Help baby confidently travel in the pool

  • Activities that develop new swim skills acquired and encourage water confidence

  • Adults continuing to support babies learning and helping baby to become more independent


Little Turtle 5 - 1 year

  • Babies in this level are able to stand

  • Safety skills are practiced and skills linked together

  • Activities incorporated to develop swim skills and co-ordination.


Little Turtle 6 - 1 year 

  • Babies in this level are able to walk

  • Babies are encouraged to move around the pool independently with the use of buoyancy aids

  • Advanced activities to help co-ordination, strength and balance


Little Turtle 7 - 1 year 6 months

  • Each baby is able to practice their skills to their own ability level

  • Improve and progress swim skills and utilise practises learned to develop a greater water confidence


Little Turtle 8 - 1 year 10 months

  • Continuing to improve and develop balance, co-ordination, independent swimming in line with each child’s own personal development


Little Turtle 9 - 1 year 10 months

  • The last stage in the Little Turtle programme which brings together all the skills learned in the previous stages.  


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