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Solo Class (without adult) for children from 3 years​

Penguin Classes without parents can be attended from 3 years as long as children are happy to work with a teacher and understand basic instruction.   In these classes your children can continue to grow their water confidence through games, songs and swimming practices.​

In these classes, your child will be learning much more than just how to swim. It is often their first involvement in a structured lesson away from their parent/caregiver.  A fully qualified and experienced swimming instructor will be in the water so parents are not required in the pool. However parents/caregivers are required to stay on the premises where their presence, support and encouragement is an important part of the ‘learn to swim’ process.  Our viewing areas at the Hook pools are immediately adjacent to the poolside, and therefore only a couple of feet away from your child in the pool.​

Because so many physical, cognitive and social changes will occur for children at this age, it is a fascinating period of child development.  You will notice developments in co-ordinating motor (physical) skills; communication skills; understanding concepts, memorising instructions and following simple rules; and social development as children play and interact better with others.  Our fully qualified swimming instructors have all had training in child development and are fully aware and sensitive to this stage of development.


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The Little Swim Club's Pool - Where Learning Takes a Dip

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