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Stroke Classes


In our Stroke Classes, we focus on swimming all four strokes whilst breaking down the technical elements of how to perform the strokes; i.e. Body Positioning, Streamlining, Leg Kicking, Arm Pulling and so on.  Children will also develop skills in sculling, treading water and complete rotation as well gain endurance swimming the length of the pool.

We offer 2 levels of Stroke Classes:

Stingrays - Stroke Introduction

Sharks     - Stroke Development

Our swimming teachers are highly trained to instruct and support every child's development while being introduced to and developing their strokes.  Our programme structure compliments progression through the levels as your child develops.  These levels, as with all our child swim levels, are set by ability rather than by age.

In our Stroke Classes we continue to encourage and develop the growth of your child's water confidence, whilst enhancing swimming and water safety skills and promoting sensible behaviours and respect for the water.

We understand that parents will have varying goals and expectations for their children’s level of swimming ability. Our goal is to ensure that when children graduate from our Sharks Classes, they will be confidently swimming all four strokes and will be of a competent level to enter a swimming club/squad.

For our Stroke Classes, certificate awards are given at the end of each full term (Easter/Summer/Christmas). These are provided by The Little Swim Club to all children free of charge and are a very important part of our achievements process.

In addition to our own assessments and in-house certificates, if you also wish to know your child's Swim England grading we will be happy to provide this information.  The Swim England nationally recognised badge and certificate can be purchased for £5.00 per set.

All our Child Classes are half an hour long and are £15.00 per class payable by the half-term.

As we operate to the Hampshire schools calendar for our term dates, our lengths of terms vary throughout the year.  Please see our Term Dates section for each forthcoming term/half-term.