The Little Swim Club Hook Private Pool Hire – Main (Large) Pool

Terms and Conditions of Hire


1. Contract of hire

The hiring contract shall be between The Little Swim Club LLP and the lead person who makes the booking and shall deemed to be made subject to these conditions of hire. Unauthorised use of the facilities is not permitted. At each visit users are to sign the signing in sheet to acknowledge adherence to these terms and conditions of hire. Only responsible persons over the age of 18 years can book the pool. Individuals or groups may be refused bookings, or may be refused entry into the pool area, or immediate ejection from the pool / changing rooms for non-compliance with these terms and conditions.


2. Safety

  1. No lifeguard is on duty.

  2. Anyone using the facilities does so at their own risk.

  3. Maximum of 12 individuals, including children/babies per session party. An adult with a child under 3 years counts as one individual.

  4. No spectators or other visitors will be allowed into the pool area or changing rooms.

  5. Children and non-swimmers must be supervised at all times by a responsible/competent adult swimmer.

  6. Children who are not potty trained must wear swim nappy covered with happy nappy. All used nappies must be taken home by users.

  7. Do not allow children to run around the poolside.

  8. Strictly no diving into pool (pool depth is 1.2m).

  9. No jumping in on the rail side of the pool or jumping over the pool cover.

  10. No running, pushing, bombing, boisterous or rough play.

  11. Do not swim under the influence of alcohol.

  12. In the event of an accident or incident, e.g., sickness or other pool contamination please notify the person on duty immediately.

  13. Do not readjust any pool equipment/gauges/switches.

  14. Keep the fire entrance door and all door entrances clear at all times.

  15. Our standard pool Normal Operating Procedures (NOPs) and Emergency Action Procedures (EAPs) are available for your inspection.  They are located along with a first aid kit on the far table next to the entrance between the pool and the changing room corridor.

  16. In the unlikely event of a fire alarm, you must leave the swimming pool area as quickly as possible by the nearest available exit.


3. Loss and Injury

The Little Swim Club LLP will not be held liable for any injury, illness, accident or loss or damage to property, however caused, directly or indirectly in or out of the Hook swimming pool.


4. Illness

  1. Do not allow a person within the group who may have a contagious illness to swim.

  2. If any member of the group is feeling unwell or showing signs of sickness, do not allow them to attend your session.


5. Damage

All damages and breakages must be reported immediately to the person on duty and must be paid for immediately and in full upon presentation of a The Little Swim Club LLP invoice.

6. Your 40-minute Pool Hire Session

  1. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session start time.

  2. You will be met by a member of staff who will check you all in. The lead member will be required to sign the sign-in sheet.

  3. All outdoor shoes must be removed at the entrance. No outdoor footwear is allowed into the changing rooms or around the pool.

  4. Hand sanitiser is available for use at the entrance.

  5. You may use the changing cubicles, showers and toilet before the start of your pool session.  It is advisable to take valuables into the pool area with you.

  6. Please shower off before entering the pool as this helps with pool cleanliness and clarity.

  7. There is an additional toilet inside the pool area which may be used during your pool session.

  8. Do not enter the pool area until the previous occupants have vacated it.

  9. Please continue to be mindful of social distancing and the wearing of masks when passing other groups in the hallway/changing rooms.

  10. If you are late arriving at the pool, it will not be possible to make the time up. Your exit time will remain the same.

  11. For the duration of your session no staff or life guards will be in attendance in the pool area. However, a member of staff will remain at the premises in the event of emergencies.

  12. If using ladders for entry & exit of pool you should climb into the pool facing the ladder holding both rails.

  13. We have provided a number of noodles and toys in a mesh bag for your use during your session. Please ensure that items are placed back into the bag when not in use and when you have finished your session.

  14. We regret you are not permitted to bring your own toys, inflatables or footballs due to risk of damage to premises.

  15. When your 40-minute session has finished, leave the pool area promptly and ensure you take all your belongings with you. You may exit back to the changing cubicles.

  16. Ensure you do not remain in the changing cubicles any longer than 15 minutes following your session as they need to be cleaned ready for next use.

  17. Please tidy up after yourselves and your children and leave the pool/changing rooms as you found them.


7. Booking Information

1. Once payment has been made, we are unable to change or refund your booking.

2. You are required to submit details of all party members in advance of your session. Please email us at least 48 hours prior to your session at with:

- The name and address of the lead person making the booking,

- The names of all members of your group and

- The ages of all children.


8. Additional terms

  1. Strictly no food to be eaten in or around the premises - either in the pool area or changing cubicles.

  2. No smoking in or around the premises.

  3. Only water or diluted drinks permissible in plastic containers

  4. No glass containers to be bought to the pool

  5. No talcum powder may be used in any area of the pool or changing areas.

  6. Buggies/pushchairs and prams are not allowed into the pool area, please leave them outside.

  7. A copy of these Terms & Conditions will be available on the wall inside the pool.

  8. The pool is sited in a residential area and due consideration should be given to our neighbours.