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Our classes provide a wonderful opportunity for baby/toddler and parent/caregiver to interact and participate in a fun, warm and nurturing environment created through the use of  fun activities and songs. Through repetition and reinforcement your little one's skills will soon develop.

Baby swimming is a fantastic activity to share with your little one. By participating in swimming classes your child is developing readiness for learn-to-swim, developing fundamental movement skills and also stimulating the brain and senses to create new learning.


We have a progressive programme of Baby Classes:

Certificate awards are given at the end of each full term (Easter/Summer/Christmas) to children in all of our Baby Classes.  These are provided by The Little Swim Club to all children free of charge and are an important part of our achievements process.

All our Baby Classes are half an hour long and are available seven days a week at our Hook pool.  Sessions are £13.75 per class payable by the half term.  As we operate to the Hampshire schools calendar for our term dates, our lengths of terms vary throughout the year.  Please see our Term Dates section for each forthcoming term. 

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