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Little Turtles - Adult and Baby Classes 

 For babies from 8 weeks old up to 1 year 


Our Adult and Baby Classes provide a wonderful opportunity for baby and parent/caregiver to interact and participate in a fun, warm and nurturing environment created through the use of fun activities and songs. We use repetition and reinforcement to help your baby's skills develop.

Baby swimming is a fantastic activity to share with your little one. By participating in swimming classes your child is developing readiness for learn-to-swim, developing fundamental movement skills and also stimulating the brain and senses to create new learning.

We have a progressive programme of Baby Classes:

Little Turtles        - Adult and Baby Class for babies from 8 weeks up to 1 year

Little Seahorses - Adult and Baby Class for babies 1-2 years

Little Starfish      - Adult and Toddler/Child Class for Toddlers & Children 2-4 years

In our Little Turtles Adult and Baby Classes, babies experience the fun of being in water with their parent/caregiver. Using relaxed holds baby and adult can move in a fluid and dynamic way, allowing baby to explore how water feels and find their own balance in the water.  Parents/carers can share this by being right beside baby allowing a wonderful communication between adult and baby, parents are able to see babies, read their cues and talk back to them. 
Swimming with a baby is far more than solely teaching a baby to swim. The benefits to baby’s development are not limited to just physical development there is also their intellectual development that is enhanced by swimming.  When babies’ minds have something new to think about it increases the growth of their brains as all their senses are being stimulated.  There is also social development, being in a swimming session gives babies the experience of sharing toys, taking turns, and can help with babies’ communication skills. 
Our approach is kind and gentle we endeavour to create an environment that supports the natural pattern of development in babies, we teach you how to read your babies signals, body language, facial expressions and  sounds and we encourage the development of a conscious attitude towards breath holding and only voluntary submersions.  Swimming takes place on the surface of water which is where we teach babies to be at their most relaxed and confident. 
We provide the opportunity to build solid foundations for future swimming using safe practices, games, and songs.   


While our Little Turtles Classes 1, 2 and 3 are progressive, it also means that a baby can join our Little Turtles classes at any point during their first year and will be placed in at their appropriate developmental stage.


Certificate awards are given at the end of each full term (Easter/Summer/Christmas) to little ones in all our Baby Classes.  These are provided by The Little Swim Club to all children free of charge and are a very important part of our achievements process.

All our Baby Classes are half an hour long and are available seven days a week at our Hook pool. Sessions are £13.75 per class payable by the half term.  As we operate to the Hampshire schools calendar for our term dates, our lengths of terms vary throughout the year.  Please see our Term Dates section for each forthcoming term. 

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