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Little Starfish -  Levels 1 to 10 - Adult and Child Classes

For Children aged 2 to 5 years

Happy children lead to confident children and we have found that nothing makes a child happier than sharing an activity with their parent/caregiver.  We also understand that every child is different, so while we do take children into our classes without their adults from 2.5 years, we realise that some children are just not ready to leave the safety of their parent at that age.  We provide adult and child lessons up until the age of 5 years. 

We believe in a child-centred swimming philosophy.  Our children progress from skill to skill at their own pace. Our classes are structured and progressive and all instructors have a vast knowledge of alternative practices for any children struggling to achieve particular skills and likewise for those children who are excelling within the group. 

We promote safety skills, a sense of confidence and independence plus a love of swimming for all of our children.

Certificate awards are given at the end of each 10-week term to all our Little Starfish children.  These are provided by the Little Swim Club free of charge and are a very important part of our achievements process.

All our classes are half an hour long and are available seven days a week at our Hook pools.  Sessions are £15.00 per class payable termly in advance.  Please see our Term Dates section for each forthcoming term. 


Our Little Starfish Classes are progressive.  Please contact if you are unsure which class is suitable for your child and we will advise which the most appropriate class for your little one.


Little Starfish Beginners

Level 1 - Children from 2 years to 5 years with no previous swimming experience of structured swimming lessons.

  • To introduce the pool and swimming environment

  • Game and songs to introduce early swimming skills

  • Water safety activities

  • Adults learn to support and teach their children

Level 2 - The Little Swim Club has 10 progressive Little Starfish levels.  Level 2 is for children who have completed level 1

  • Independence with the use of buoyancy aids

  • Balancing

  • Pool and water safety

On completion of Level 2 children over 3.5 years may progress to Little Starfish advanced if advised to do so by your teacher.  This would be dependent on your child’s own personal development. 

Little Starfish Intermediate

Levels 3 to 5 - The Little Swim Club has 10 Little Starfish progressive levels.   Level 3 is suitable for children who have completed the Little Turtles programme, Little Starfish 2 or the equivalent level elsewhere. 

  • All previous skills revisited and built upon

  • Independent swimming in line with your child’s own personal development


Little Starfish Advanced

Levels 6 to 10 - The Little Swim Club has 10 Little Starfish progressive levels.  Level 6 is suitable for confident children over 3.5 years of age, who have completed all previous Starfish levels or the equivalent elsewhere.

  • Introduction of strokes

  • Building on independent distances

  • Growing confidence

  • Working more with teacher in preparation for Stage classes.