Dolphins - Learn to Swim Classes

For children confident with their faces in water & starting to swim

without the use of buoyancy aids

Having achieved a good level of water confidence and ease in the water as well as feeling comfortable with faces in the water, at this level we introduce and build confidence in rhythmic aquatic breathing action.  Children are challenged to maintain an effective body position (‘good streamlining’) and to develop good breath control, including exhalation (‘blowing bubbles’).

These classes further enable our children to  begin the co-ordination of the leg and arm action. At this age, this coordination can often be challenging and requires the skilled motivation of our instructors and support of parents alike.  All four competitive strokes are practised.

​Once these skills have been acquired and integrated with the arm stroking and leg kicking, children will be swimming a basic freestyle stroke. Kicking on back will be extended. 

Certificate awards are given at the end of each full term (Easter/Summer/Christmas).

These are provided by The Little Swim Club to all children free of charge and are a

very important part of our achievements process.

The equivalent level when working in the Dolphins classes are Swim England

– Stages 2 and 3 / STA Goldfish. In addition to our own assessments and in-house

certificates, if you also wish to know your child's Swim England grading we will

be happy to provide this information.  The Swim England nationally recognised

badge and certificate can be purchased for £5.00 per set.  

Lessons are half an hour long @£13.75 per class payable by the half-term.  As we

operate to the Hampshire schools calendar for our term dates, our lengths of

terms vary throughout the year.  Please see our Term Dates section for each

forthcoming term/half-term. 

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